Guide to Information Technology Degrees

Information technology is a broad term encompassing several tasks and responsibilities as well as required knowledge. IT professionals can be expected to work on anything from data and communication networks to troubleshooting hardware and software problems. Fortunately, becoming an IT professional has become easier as more schools add online programs which we have listed below.

Northcentral University – Northcentral University offers several online graduate degrees in Technology and Innovation Management, like Information Systems and IT Project Management. These program utilize faculty members from across academic disciplines. Courses include: Problem Solving with the Internet, Programming with Data Structures, Usability, Data Structures & Algorithms, Internet Marketing, and Internet Business.
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Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degrees: AAS in Information Technology, BSIT in Applied Technology, MBA in Information Technology, and MSIT: Business Intelligence. This program is thorough; the courses are interactive and with flexible seminars, so that the student can learn at his or her convenience. This program is designed to suit individual needs.
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Walden University – Walden University offers an online degree Self-Designed BS in IT. This program integrates expertise in information technology and business fields to help students form a solid foundation for long-term career growth and success. Concentrations include: Application Development, Testing, and Quality Assurance, Database Administration and Data Center Operations, Networking and Operations, and Security and Forensics.
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South University – South University offers online degrees: AS and BS in Information Technology, BS/IT: Database Administration, BS/IT: Network Administration and MS in Information Technology. This program offers the student access to an industry-related application-oriented education program focused in database design and development, client-server 3-tier development, web/internet software development, and the object-oriented program design.
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An online degree in information technology prepares you for a career in the world of computers and technology. Most ITs are the go-to person for a company when it comes to the efficiency of computer systems. It is a job that is in demand and continues to see growth through the recession. There is a design aspect to information technology which involves create interface using programs like Flash.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Interactive Media & Design
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Network Technology

Information Technology Online Degree Rankings

There’s no definitive source for ranking online degrees of any type, including information technology degrees obtained online. The way to weed out the bad from the good is to check the accreditation source for the information technology degree program you’re looking into. You want an information technology degree program that is accredited by a national or regional organization. This ensures that your degree will be useful once you enter the work force. There are many online programs that exist, but aren’t properly accredited, so it’s up to you to do your own research and see where the program stands.

Do not assume that because the school you’re exploring is accredited in one program, they’re accredited in all of the programs they offer. As online degrees progress, there are programs being accredited every school year. Ask a school advisor which organization accredits the school’s information technology program or check out the U.S. Department of Education’s list of accredited schools here. Because there’s no way of ranking online information technology degrees, finding an accredited school is a good rule of thumb when searching for a program that’s good for you.

Transferring Information Technology Degree School Credits

Transferring credits for an information technology degree is possible, but it is more difficult than other degrees. Information technology degree curriculums vary greatly from school to school, so it may be difficult to transfer credits and pick up learning new material. Online education allows you to continue studying no matter where you are, so before you bother to transfer schools, consult with a school advisor on how you can work your schedule around whatever issues you are having.

There’s no reason to switch programs if you can simply take a semester off or lessen your course work (i.e. taking one or two classes versus a full load). Some schools limit the amount of transferred credits they will accept, so depending on how far along in your program may determine whether it’s worth transferring schools. In many cases it is best to stick with your existing online information technology program since it will take more time and money if your prospective school does not acknowledge all of your credits.

What Sort of Career Can Someone with an Information Technology Degree Have?

  • Interface designer – This position is also known as a user interface designer. It involves creating interfaces for applications such as Flash, CSS and HTML. Advanced knowledge of these systems are required to maintain interfaces and create user friendly systems that will benefit large corporations. This is a growing industry with jobs in nearly every industry, as even traditional companies are realizing that it is integral to utilize technology in their favor.
  • Systems analyst – A systems analyst deals with the safety of computer programs and how they efficiently they run. This is a growing field since businesses often employ a systems analyst to ensure computer systems are running the best they possibly can to keep productivity at a maximum.

What are the Average Salaries of a Person with an Information Technology Degree?

  • Interface designer – The median income for an interface designer is about $78,000. Interface designers can earn substantially more if they are employed by large corporations looking to start a new website or revamp their existing sites. Interface designers can also work on a contract basis for large sums. Startup companies are often in need of an interface designer and while these jobs may not pay as much as a lucrative corporate gigs, they do have potential for significant growth and can work in your favor at the beginning of your career.
  • Systems analyst – Systems analysts typically earn $68,000 per year, which can vary depending on their place of employment. Like interface designers, while there’s a need for a systems analyst in nearly every industry, the size of the company you work for will dictate your salary. Big companies usually means a hefty payday, while working for a mid-size company will give you average pay.

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