Career Paths With an Information Technology Degree

The information technology field combines communications, electronics, networking, and computing and is great for students who enjoy working with computers. If this sounds like a field that interests you, why not check out all of your career options in information technology. Believe it or not, you can do more in this field than just serving and a computer help desk!

Information Technology Career Specialties

While information technology students all start with the same general classes to learn about communications through informational networks and computing, as you advance in your degree program, you can take classes to specialize in a specific area of this field, making it easier to find a job in the future. Some of the many specialties from which to choose include computer hardware, networking, software programs, programming languages, data constructs, multimedia distribution, and information systems. If you aren’t sure which field most interest you, take classes in a wide variety of topic areas before honing your skills in a specific area. Some colleges allow you to minor in one area of information technology or you can consider a second degree in a related area that interests you.

Information Technology Job Description

The tasks you’ll do on a daily basis after graduating with a degree in information technology depends on your specific job title. Commonly, information technology students go on to work in positions where they help individuals and businesses troubleshoot problems involving their computers, networks, or communications. You could also work in research in development, as well as apply your knowledge of information technology to a specific field, such as domain hosting or video game design.

Expanding into Other Areas

Information technology is a great degree to choose if you aren’t sure which career direction is right for you. This is a field that invades almost every other industry in the world, since advances in technology are making it easier for people everywhere to do their jobs. You can start in information technology and easily move into related fields such as website development and design, engineering, project management, or even business. Again, you can also apply your skills to a specific field, essentially specializing in that field and giving your resume a bit of a boost when hunting for a new job.

Guide to Information Technology Degrees

Northcentral University – Northcentral University offers several online graduate degrees in Technology and Innovation Management, like Information Systems and IT Project Management. These program utilize faculty members from across academic disciplines. Courses include: Problem Solving with the Internet, Programming with Data Structures, Usability, Data Structures & Algorithms, Internet Marketing, and Internet Business.
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Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degrees: AAS in Information Technology, BSIT in Applied Technology, MBA in Information Technology, and MSIT: Business Intelligence. This program is thorough; the courses are interactive and with flexible seminars, so that the student can learn at his or her convenience. This program is designed to suit individual needs.
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Walden University – Walden University offers an online degree Self-Designed BS in IT. This program integrates expertise in information technology and business fields to help students form a solid foundation for long-term career growth and success. Concentrations include: Application Development, Testing, and Quality Assurance, Database Administration and Data Center Operations, Networking and Operations, and Security and Forensics.
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South University – South University offers online degrees: AS and BS in Information Technology, BS/IT: Database Administration, BS/IT: Network Administration and MS in Information Technology. This program offers the student access to an industry-related application-oriented education program focused in database design and development, client-server 3-tier development, web/internet software development, and the object-oriented program design.
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