Get Squared Away: Top 25 Geometry Blogs

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that centers around shapes, sizes, position, and the properties of space. Derived from the Ancient Greek, geometry means “earth measurement.” If you have ever used a slide rule, graphs, charts, or any similar piece of mathematics, chances are you have done geometry. Because it is such a fundamental part of algebra, calculus, and beyond, it is essential that students learn geometry early and well.

However, whether you are at the theoretical phases or just beginning by measuring shapes, it can be an overwhelming subject. To help you better understand it, we have gathered the below top 25 geometry blogs. Written by students, teachers, and overall lovers of math, they can help get you squared away like never before.

Top Geometry Blogs

Learn about geometry in all its forms with the help of these blogs.

  1. The Geomblog Get ruminations on computational geometry, algorithms, theoretical computer science, and life here. Suresh’s blog is not for beginners and contains labels on everything from research to theory. An excellent choice for post-doctoral students.
  2. Noncommutative Geometry This blog actually lists geometry related events and job openings in addition to regular posts. Thoughts on math and geometry are also shared. The blogger also allows reader commentary and often responds to it.
  3. G.R.A.M.S. Is Geometry Blog This blogger does not reveal much about themselves. However, there are entries on geometry related topics such as business, design, and even politics. Items that interest him are also shared.
  4. The Sacred Geometry Blog The tagline of this blog is “without geometry, life is pointless.” Taking a more spiritual approach to the math, they discuss how geometry relates to the Law of Attraction. Although many entries can be more philosophical than mathematical, they often use geometry and related diagrams to illustrate their point.
  5. Computational Information Geometry Wonderland This blogger often brings computations and diagrams to discuss geometry. Bregman Voronoi diagrams, hyperbolic, and many others are often shared. There is also an information geometry portal with more.
  6. Square Circle Z Although not strictly a geometry blog, they feature math, learning, computing, and even travel. There are pages on how to understand formulas and even overcome the “math blues.” A recent entry was on funny graphs.
  7. Geometry Blog Danny is in the tenth grade. His blog details his adventures in Miss Abernathy’s geometry class. Popular posts include “How to Make a Field of Daisies” and “Lai Ping Geometry.”

Top Teaching Geometry Blogs

Use these blogs to help teach or learn geometry and other forms of math.

  1. Let’s Play Math! Have a student who hates math? Then visit here to see how math can be a game and help students play with ideas. It is a good choice for K-12 students, and popular posts include “20+ Things to do With a Hundred Chart” and “World Maths Day.”
  2. Wild About Math! Visit here for a blog that makes math fun and accessible. He is a math lover who used to be a computer programmer. He sees delight in all things mathematical and shares how and why on the blog.
  3. MathNotations Dave Marain is a recently retired math teacher. He features math challenges, standardized test practice, and even Problems of the Day. He also has an “Odds and Ends” series in which he takes on math and education items in the news.
  4. Math-U-See They are a company that helps students at all levels learn all kinds of math. The blog is full of tips for how to teach and learn it. News, product information, and items just for fun are also shared.
  5. Homeschool Math Blog Maria Miller loves teaching and math. Her blog is full of ideas on how math can teach ideas, along with worksheets, reviews, articles, and more. She also features many entries as video lessons.
  6. Math Learning Blog This blog believes that every student can excel in math, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. Their company promotes adaptive technologies and curriculum to teach math. The blog is also full of tips and tricks to help students learn math.
  7. Loren on the Art of MATLAB More advanced students of math will enjoy learning from Loren. She works on the design of the MATLAB language at The MathWorks. A recent entry was on C++ and DLLs.
  8. Better Explained Stop here for a blog that shows you how to “learn right, not rote.” With loads of entries on math and geometry, this blog strives to make difficult ideas easier to learn. One of the latest posts was on math and numbers, programming and web development, and communication.

Top Mathematic Geometry Blogs

Learn more about geometry by learning more about math in these blogs.

  1. About Mathematics Deb Russell is the principal of a school with over 500 students. As an educator, parent, and math enthusiast, she is committed to providing you with the best mathematical resources. Must reads on the blog include “Grade by Grade Goals” and “What is Compound Interest?”
  2. Ars Mathematica Often a popular choice, this blog makes math into an art. Categories include computer science, economics, physics, and statistics. The blogger recently learned the theory of model categories and shares more.
  3. The Unapologetic Mathematician John Armstrong strives to make his blog accessible to the lay audience. It includes high level excursions, observations, rants, and musings. A series on “The Branching Rule” is what is currently being focused on.
  4. The Numbers Guy Because more math = more money, there is this blog from “The Wall Street Journal.” Carl Bialik examines numbers in the news, business, and politics to see how they can help us make informed decisions. Recent entries were on the cost of doing business and college evaluations.
  5. Junk Charts How can a blog about recycling chart junk as junk art help teach geometry? For all the graphs and charts it reprints. They include entries on everything from wealth to pancakes.
  6. God Plays Dice Michael Lugo brings you a random walk through mathematics, which involves mostly the random parts. He is a fourth year PhD student in math at the University of Pennsylvania. He recently shared how to win the Ontario Lottery’s Tic Tac Toe game.
  7. Mathematics and Multimedia See how math and the new age of computers intersect on this blog. Guillermo Bautista works in a university in the Philippines. He also features a GeoGebra section with more on geometry.
  8. Chapter Zero Because math doesn’t really have a beginning, there is this blog. A long standing choice, the archives on the blog date all the way back to 2001. Random posts are on everything from the linear, short problems, and cheesecake.
  9. Computational Complexity Lance and Bill bring you fun stuff in math and computer science on their blog. Part of Scientific American, they also offer a graduate student guide, as well as podcasts and vidcasts. Tiger Woods and the Venn Diagram was the topic of a recent post.
  10. Rational Mathematics Education Michael Paul Goldenberg teaches more on this type of math. He explores disinformation being taught on the subject, with a focus on the internet. Commentary on education, politics, and more is also shared.

And the above top 25 geometry blogs are just the beginning. There are loads of other help on the web and tons of online lessons. For example, there is this virtual, online geometry textbook from AAA Math with tons of help on the subject. You can also click here for loads of other math lessons, including geometry, for many different grade levels.