Top 50 UFO Blogs

In the past decade, the Internet has given rise to the UFO community, allowing those who believe or have shaved experiences, to connect with others like them around the globe. These UFO blogs offer insight into this unknown world and many look at experiences from both sides of the coin, trying to prove theories true and trying to debunk faux reports.

UFO Blogs

These UFO blogs are among the best on the web and give you the full-on UFO experience without hopping in an alien craft.

    1. UFO Blog This UFO blog frequently updates with UFO sightings from middle America to Australia. It is a great site for newbies to start learning about UFOs and where sightings are spotted now.

    2. Real UFOs If you want around the clock UFO updates, this is your blog. The blogger also regularly posts significant interviews with UFO-ologists.

    3. UFO Blogger This UFO blog serves as a feed for a roundup of UFO news as it happens. There are also articles over conspiracy theories and global warming.

    4. Cosmic Paradigm This site is dedicated to bringing you news revolving around UFOs and the government. While it’s not fact-based, it does provide a look at UFO inquiries from countries outside of the U.S.

    5. UFO Blog This UFO blog talks aliens, space crafts, personal experiences and also has info over items like the Montauk Monster.

    6. My UFO This blog is all about personal sightings and alien experiences. It’s a fun blog to read when you’re trying to learn about alien encounters.

    7. The UFO Chronicles This UFO blog is packed with experiences and stories of those who’ve had a first-hand encounter with aliens or spotting UFO space crafts.

    8. Disclosure Project This site shares government documents and briefings that discuss UFO and alien studies at length.

    9. Earthfiles This UFO blog constantly updates and studies major UFO sightings from the past 20 years and also has reports of UFOs from police officers.

    10. Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence For those who want to read about UFO-related items beyond the standard sighting, this blog has personal stories of one-on-one encounters with aliens.

    11. Majestic Documents This site has an overwhelming amount of documents from the U.S. government and military that covers UFO and alien encounters.

    12. Paradigm Research Group This site is the online home of a major UFO conference that takes place each year for believers to share research and experiences.

    13. Vertias Show This site has a bevy of information on U.S. documents and data that reflect UFOs and aliens are very much a real issue (and threat).

    14. UFO Evolution This fantastic site has fascinating posts over alien encounters and UFO sightings from South America to Asia.

    15. After Disclosure This site focuses heavily on conspiracy theories and government cover-ups, with an emphasis on UFOs and aliens.

Crop Circle Blogs

No one knows what causes crop circles, which are primarily found in rural lands throughout the Americas and Europe. These sites talk about crop circles in-depth, giving you the information you need

    16. Crop Circle Connector Get information on crop circle reports from around the world. This is the perfect site to visit when you’re first exploring crop circles and want to learn the history of this strange happening.


    17. Colin Andrews This ex-electrical engineer now studies crop circles full-time and is one of the biggest names in UFO and crop circle research.

    18. BLT Research Team This crop circle research team travels throughout the U.S. and Canada, studying crop circles and soil samples in the flesh.

    19. UFO Video Blog If you want an up-close look at crop circles, this UFO blog is packed with video footage that allows you to see the details.

    20. Temporary Temples This site has the 101 on learning about crop circles for those who need the basics before exploring this natural (or otherworldly) phenomenon.

    21. Crop Circle Bookmark this site so you can stay posted on crop circle news. The blog serves as a feed for incoming stories on crop circles and UFO sightings.

    22. Latest UFO Sightings – Crop Circles This site is all about UFOs with a hefty section over crop circles and the possible theories of what cause the large designs each growing season.

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    24. Crop Circle Research This group is on the forefront of crop circle research and takes a scientific, fact-based approach to finding out what’s causing the formations.

    25. Crop Circle Secrets This site looks at the scientific reasons that could be causing crop circles such as sound and the weather. It also debunks bogus crop circles that have popped up in the past decade.

    26. World Mysteries – Crop Circles At this site you’ll learn all about the history of crop circles, including when they first appeared and how they’ve changed over the course of the 21st century.

    27. Crop Circles This site serves as a crop circle database of sorts, allowing you to track the circles that have popped up around the world in recent years.

    28. Your Own World USA – Crop Circles This site has an array of articles over crop circles, including government cover-ups and what researchers in the UFO community are discussing when it comes to crop circle formations.

    29. Crop Circle Answers This site shoots to debunk fake crop circles and looks at authentic crop circles from a scientific perspective. There are interviews with major players in the UFO community and videos of crop circles.

UFO and Alien Messageboards

If you feel like getting chatty about your own UFO experience or want to read what others have to say about aliens, check out these messageboards and interact with others interested in the subject.

    30. UFO Research Network Here members talk about abductions and sightings in large cities and more rural areas.


    31. Above Top Secret This is one of the strongest online communities for talking about UFOs, alien abductions and everything paranormal.

    32. UFO Messageboard At this site, members chat about aliens and UFO sightings, as well as ghosts.

    33. Crowded Skies – Alien and UFO Discussion Boards This discussion forum is a must-read for those who are looking to learn about UFOs and aliens. While some of the threads are far-fetched, many offer a sound examination of life outside of Earth.

    34. Bulletin Boards – UFO Experiences Pick a board, any board! At this messageboard, there are various forums dedicated to alien talk.

    35. History – UFOs The History Channel has an active messageboard for UFO and alien discussions. Some of the threads discuss aliens dating back as far back as the Egyptians.

    36. UFOs and Aliens Proof Evidence – Forums At this site, messageboard members hop online and share stories of alien encounters, often accompanied by photographs or video footage of the event.

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    38. Aliens and UFOs Videos This entire messageboard is UFO talk with forums over UFO vides on YouTube and deciphering the authenticity of alien photos found online.

    39. Alien UFOs This site has an array of posts over government conspiracies from around the world revolving around UFOs and daily reports from members who witness unusual objects in the sky.

UFO Skeptic Sites

Everyone has an opinion on UFOs and these blogs include skeptic sites that aim to disprove UFOs and alien life.

    40. UFO Skeptic This site is penned by professional scientists who break down UFO sightings and experiences from a factual standpoint.

    41. The UFO’s Skeptic Page This UFO skeptic site talks about the history of UFOs and the hoaxes that have been peppered throughout the years that have turned people into believers.

    42. Ian Ridpath’s UFO Skeptic Pages This UFO skeptic blogs about the misidentified UFO reports that have actually been planets or meteors.

    43. Alien Resistance – UFO Skeptics This blogger isn’t for or against UFOs, just determined to find factual evidence that they exist before going forth and exploring the subject further.

    44. Center for UFO Studies This site investigates UFO sightings that are reported by one person or a group of people. It’s a brilliant site for learning about some of the causes of supposed UFOs people spot in the sky.

    45. Hyper – Skpetics This UFO blog shows you that you can’t believe everything you read, no matter what side of the coin the blogger is on. It looks at UFOs and aliens from a scientific angle.

    46. The Black Vault For those who are looking for facts to back up UFOs, this site has thousands of government documents stating the U.S.’s stance on aliens and whether they exist.

    47. UFO Evidence At this site you’ll find plenty of UFO documents and claims, so you can make an informed decision on the subject for yourself.

    48. Debunker From the crop circles to major UFO sightings witnessed by thousands, this site has a concrete, logical explanation for nearly everything.

    49. Bad UFOs Websites and local TV stations regularly broadcast UFO sightings, but sometimes they’re far-fetched images that are simply sensationalized for a story. See pictures and video footage of bad UFOs at this funny blog.

    50. Doomsday Guide At this site, you’ll find links to various UFO and alien skeptic sites to visit when you need a dose of reality on extraterrestrial insight.

Online resources like blogs and messageboards can help believers connect and talk about UFO experiences. Whether you’ve had a personal experience with UFOs or want to learn more on the fascinating subject, these UFO websites will show you the history of aliens and sightings as reported by real people.